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White Interior Paint So Popular

Many painting contractors have noticed a trend, though: Plenty of high-end homes are primarily white. Why is this? Why are people abandoning bold colors, the brownish neutrals that were so common 10 years ago, warm hues, or off-white shades, and instead turning to crisp, clear white paint? There are least 3 reasons why you should consider joining the fold and transforming your home with high-quality, high-sheen white paint.

It Matches with Everything

Woe be to those who attempt to match a variety of colorful furnishings and art with a bold paint color. It is possible, but the stress of trying to find the perfect home interior paint colors in Roswell, GA, can be difficult. Some people may even worry after the job is done that their red is too red, the blue isn’t quite the right shade, or a deep gray is too deep to match with the sofa, for example. White is a staple of homes today because it matches with absolutely every other color. Whether you have black bookshelves or natural, walnut ones, white is the perfect match.

It Takes a Back Seat to Decor

Today, you do not have to be a millionaire to own original art. All it takes is a keen eye and a passion for beauty to introduce beautiful art into your home. Visit nearly any art gallery and what do you notice as a common motif? White walls are staples of galleries. Why is this? This is because white does not crowd a wall or pop out too much. It allows the art to take precedence. If you own beautiful art, why would you drown it out in heavy colors? Paint your home white to allow art to stand out without clashing or looking mismatched.

It Highlights Architectural Details

Wainscoting, crown molding, ornate window trim, archways, decorative ceiling tiles, built-in bookshelves, cabinetry, and other architectural beauties should not hide in the background. White paint on the walls and ceiling will allow these details to pop. Why is this? Because white paint highlights texture. Since white is a neutral color, the eye will focus on the shapes of architectural details instead of the paint that covers it. If your home has built-in character, why hide it? Finish this character with high-quality white paint and it will take preeminence over all else.

So if you want to update an older home, personalize a new home, or just give your current property some sprucing up, consider the transformative power of high-quality white paint. You can explore a variety of home interior paint colors in Roswell, GA, if you visit a local paint contractor. They can show you just how grand an effect the right color has on your entire property without having to redecorate or remodel.