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Some Effect of Water Leakages

1.Damages to wall

Water leakages can damage the walls. The wall paper and the paint can get spoiled due to the water leakages; these damages will further ask investment from you.

2.Damages to flooring

Water leakage can damages floor as well. The damp or slightly wet floor is dangerous for the ones who walk. It can even spoil the other things associated with floor like carpets etc.

3.Damages to roof

If there is any leakage in the roof then the water leakage can also damage the roof. The paint will started coming off and might even fall down on the residents slowly. A damaged roof is surely not a good thing for any building.


Water leakages anywhere provide moisture to the space and create the optimum conditions for the production of mold. This mold can cause many health concerns like allergies and other breathing problems to the people living around.

5.Bad Odor

Water leakages cause dampness and the space around, at a point of time starts producing bad odor due to the damages to the property and add-on mold production. A bad odor is surely unpleasant for the family members as well as the guests.

6.Water bills

Due to continuous water leakage, the water bill will ask money from you. Sudden unnecessary increase in the water bill is also taken as one of the symptoms of water leakage in the house.

7.Money wastage

Leakages detection and repair can ask a lot of investment from you in terms of money as there can be some breakage involved while repairing the internal fittings of pipes or underground leakages. Many leak detection companies in South Carolina offer services which are quick and updated to an extent that breakage is minimized but the damaged walls, floors and roofs would also ask for investment.